This month means alot for me. Many things happened on January that change my life. Let me mention it one by one. I born on 27th when my mother on the age of 40. My father brought me to home from the hospital with a cart. The distance from my house to hospital is more than 5 km. I’m the last child in my family. That’s about my birthday.
When I was 21 years old, I lost my beloved grandmother. Also in January, the night I spent a new years event in Malang. I received a call from my sister, she said grandma is passed away. It was a sad day because I remember she always cook my favorite snack. We call it Baje’ Baka’. One thing I always remember about her that she can’t call my name correctly. She always call me Bakari. It’s a Buginesse tongue, we can’t say a word with dead syllables in middle of word. So, Bakri will become Bakari. She always make us have a heart attack when she never see the state of the road while crossing. She always sure that the driver can see her cross and know how to hit the brake. Alhamdulillah she never get hit, just nearly.

When I graduate from university in Malang, I decided to leave my hometown to work in Lampung. It’s also happened in January. I came to Lampung in 28th, then get my job in February. That was my though decision. My father refuse to admit that I will leave my home to pursue my dream to become a lecture at university. That was not my only reason to go Lampung. It’s because one of the precondition to marry my lovely girlfriend is to live in Lampung. So, I took a big step to live in Lampung even I don’t know anyone in Lampung, even relatives. That was a big risk I take, but I’m glad to.
Then a year later, I vow to married my beloved lady at 22nd in front of my father. That day change my life a lot. I become more responsible to someone that I promise to protect till death. That day also I realize, that I’m ready to become husband and lately become a father to a beautiful daugther.

In 26th January 2016, I lost my father by cause of heart attack. It was like a lightning strike me in broad daylight. One day before my birthday, my father passed away and I’m far away to look him directly before buried. It was a sad day to me.

Today also historical to me. Finally after 7 years separated in different district, my wife came to home and stay with me. It was a hard day when separated by job responsibility in different place. We can see each other only on weekend or holiday. Living a life far apart is not an easy life to live. There’s a time that we nearly divorce because of a long distant relationship. I force her to leave her job, but my parent-in-law force her to keep the even far apart from her own husband. But now, the story has changed. She gets her promotion to change job in my town. So, I don’t have to live alone anymore. May be it’s not a great story for you guys. But, I can only tell the story how this month always mean alot to me. That’s all.