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It’s been awhile for me not writing on this my very own blog. Actually, I’ve spent a lot of time for not pushing myself to write again. I think this is a severe mental block. I even don’t know why am I wasting my time to doing nothing but only sticking my nose to my smartphone. This is maybe a some reason why this blog being┬áneglected. My mental block caused by being dumb using smartphone.

Lately, I’m not having any idea to written in my blog. I’m extremely busy by doing my work at the office. I have a lot student to supervised their thesis. I have a lot of class to teach. I have a lot stacking work to do. I could blame that. Cliche. Maybe I’ve been distracted by many things and I blame that for being my mental block. Or maybe it’s not a mental block. It’s mental illness. Maybe. Hahaha. I don’t want to lose my ability to write my thought. What can I do if I don’t write again? It’s the only thing that can at most. I can’t back in time to be a Programmer or pursuit on my new passion on Coffee. I’ve made choice to be a lecturer and lecturer must write. Even it’s only a haggish blog. I’m afraid this mental block drive me to give up on writing.

So, I decide, in middle of my teaching class, I write about this mental block thing. Hope this can be continued in the future. So, I can write again like I used to. I’ve read this good article about get away from mental block. Just take a look at this article’s link. Hope can help you to to get away from mental block. I only can write this short post. Next time, hope I can write a long story with a good English writing. Sorry about the grammar. Hihihi.