Live is always about choices no matter what. Choices means either you right  or wrong with it. People must choose for something to survive this life. Even our way to die, we have to choose it. But, sometimes we make a wrong decision in our life. A decision that makes us feel depressed. No one to blame but ourselves. Sooner, I realized that wrong decision not always tend to bad results. Sometimes wrong decision makes our lives better. We just need to to see the bright side of that decision.

Agree or disagree, making decisions always intimidating us for not to make a wrong decision. That’s why people often spent more time to make a decision and sometimes wasting time for not making any. I just wanna say, we are too afraid to making decision that going south. I’ve been there many times, and I think you too my friend. It’s not decision make our life suffered, but how we deal with the consequences of our choices. We know every choices has its own results. Either we embrace it or not. Some people maybe take a pragmatic solution, take a suicide and they think all the problems solved. Some people are dealing with the consequences, move on and make another choices carefully. Some people maybe just sitting alone and sober.

But, I think we just need to be patient when dealing with the consequences. We need to see the bright side of our decision. Sometimes, it needs to be dark and wet before the sunshine comes out from the dark clouds. What I meant to say, bad choices not always bad and vice versa. PATIENT. Wait until God shows us the real thing that we should have. PRAY. Allah SWT will shows us the best conclusion that we not think about it before. That’s it, embrace ourselves and Allah SWT will blessing us with The Mighty Love.